Chris Whitley
DIN OF ECSTASY · [ 1995 ] Sony / Work

01. - Lyrics - Narcotic Prayer
02. - Lyrics - Never
03. - Lyrics - Know
04. - Lyrics - O God My Heart is Ready
05. - Lyrics - Can't Get Off
06. - Lyrics - God Thing
07. - Lyrics - Din
08. - Lyrics - New Machine
09. - Lyrics - Some Candy Talking
10. - Lyrics - Guns & Dolls
11. - Lyrics - WPL
12. - Lyrics - Ultraglide
13. - Lyrics - Days of Obligation

The Musicians and other credits:

Chris Whitley - tunes, vocals and guitars
Dougie Bowne - drums and percussion
Alan Gevaert - bass, bass pedals and low end noise
Don Whitley - lead guitar on "O God My Heart Is Ready"
Louis Lepose - lead guitar on "Days of Obligation"
Andy Rosen - mellotron on "Narcotic Prayer"
Produced by John Custer and Chris Whitley
Mixed by Toby Wright assisted by John Seymour
Recorded by Steve Melton assisted by Danny (Extraordinaire) Kadar and Kent Bruce

/ Press Reviews /

Chris Whitley's Din of Ecstasy is an excellent album and is just as strong as his debut Living With The Law. Many critics panned this album because it didn't sound like his debut and he seemed at the time to trade in the pedal steel for a distortion pedal. It's a very dark album relying on a heavier grunge sound. Chris Whitley continues to sing with incredible emotion and his tone matches the feel of each track. Sometimes he sounds melancholy, sometimes very laid back, and at other times like he's on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Every song is good here with the best being "Din", "Narcotic Prayer", "O God My Heart is Ready", "Guns and Dolls", and "WPL". This is an album you have to listen to in one sitting to completely appreciate it. An excellent album from a singer/songwriter who never received the recognition he deserved.

Inspired to write, came across some pans of this album; must not have heard it live, or lived in any kind of desperate situation. I can hardly listen to the comfortable Living with the Law anymore, and while I enjoy Terra, Rocket House, Hotel, etc., this album has such a layered, twisting emotional core and SOUND! that it really stands above his other work. His live performances get at this raw quality; but just thinking about the opening chords of the title track, opening up for the lyrics as the party closes- these words come from close observation - nipple rings and tatoos; none of the sentimental american country pablum that can creep in to his other work (see LWTL) is eveident here. I hate to think that he was vectored from this path via the heat he received from disappointed fans, but I wonder why this awesome album hasn't really been followed up. Can't please everyone, but urge Whitley fans to give this one a good listen- may not make sense driving down a highway in the middle of nowhere, but if you're hanging around a bar by yourself in a real city (another disappearing American landscape) some night you'll get it.



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