Chris Whitley
Guns & Dolls

Slow neurosis
Lays awaiting the cousin to come
Got my mouth all around her
Beneath the blanket where the world is run
Now you take the weed in your hungry hand
All the need of some naked man that

Can't get over
Guns and dolls all around this room
Can't control it
Guns and dolls any afternoon
Now the wind know no one
She carve your face up and down my arm
Got my eyes wide open
For one moment I know we can do no wrong
But I see you there as you pull me down
Like there's so much promise in any playground and I

Bit my lip of
Broken road
Slip your tongue to
The hard and cold where we
Make them deals with these
Naked myths
Break me mama
From the ties of the kitsch romance
Got to ride me over
These lies of deliverance
I can't control it

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